1. Jeremy M. Green, Attorney at Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis Selected as a 2017 Oregon Rising Star

    Jeremy M. Green, an attorney and shareholder with the Bend law firm of Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis, P.C., has been selected for the fourth consecutive year as a SuperLawyer’s “Rising Star,” a distinction that recognizes outstanding lawyers who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. While up to 5% of Oregon lawyers are selected as SuperLawyers, no more than 2.5% are selected as Rising Stars.  Read More...

  2. 10 Questions to Ask your Estate Planning Attorney

    Authored by Melissa Lande
    I am often asked what people should ask their estate planning attorney to make sure that their estate plan is complete, well prepared and will properly carry out their intentions. The questions that follow should assist you with preparation of your estate plan. 
    1. I do not have a large estate, why do I need an estate plan? Even if you do not have a significant amount of assets, most people should have a Will or a Trust, Power of Attorney, Advance Directive and Medical Authorization.  These documents allow you to designate a person to make medical and financial decisions for you during your lifetime and allow you to plan for distribution of your assets after your death.
     2. What happens if I die without a Will or a Trust? If you die without a Will or Trust, your assets will pass to the remaining joint owner(s) or to your designated beneficiaries. If an asset does not have a joint owner or a beneficiary, the asset will be subject to probate. Oregon law provides that if you probate assets without a Will, your assets be transferred to your closest family members or other relatives. However, this can be problematic if you prefer that your spouse or your heirs not receive funds outright. Also, if you are married and have children from a previous marriage, the children are immediately entitled to one-half of your assets if you probate assets without a will. You may prefer to structure your plan differently.