2012 Deschutes County Circuit Court Judicial Elections

The May 2012 Primary Election results are in, and it’s BAGLEY vs. BALYEAT in the November general election for Deschutes County Circuit Court Judge.

Last year, long-time Deschutes County Circuit Court Judges Stephen
Tiktin and Michael Sullivan each announced his retirement.  Judge Tiktin
retired at the end of 2011, after 23 years on the bench.  In
retirement, he will continue to serve as a Senior Judge throughout

Because Judge Tiktin retired in the middle of his term, Oregon law
requires that the Governor appoint his replacement.  In January 2012,
Governor Kitzhaber appointed Roger DeHoog, who is now serving as
Deschutes County’s newest circuit court judge.  Because Circuit Court
judgeships are elected positions, Judge DeHoog will be required to run
for election when his current appointed term expires.

Judge Michael Sullivan, who became a judge in 1988, announced that he
will retire at the end of 2012.  Because his retirement date coincides
with the end of his current election term, Deschutes County voters will
select his replacement.

In the May 2012 Primary Election, four candidates (all attorneys)
vied for this nonpartisan position:  Beth Bagley; Andrew Balyeat; Aaron
Brenneman; and Thomas Spear, Jr.  With 99.8% of the vote counted, the
results were as follows: 39.5% for Bagley; 29.4% for Balyeat; 16.9% for
Spear; and 14% for Brenneman.  Because no candidate obtained 50% or more
of the votes cast, a run-off will occur in the November general
election between Bagley and Balyeat, the top two vote-getters.

Bagley, age 38, is a Deschutes County Deputy District Attorney. 
Balyeat, age 52, practices general civil law.  Both candidates are
well-qualified and well-respected.

Also of note:  The Deschutes County Circuit Court Judges recently
selected Jeffrey Hall to serve as Trial Court Administrator, effective
July 16, 2012.  Mr. Hall will succeed Ernest “Ernie” Mazoral, who has
served as Trial Court Administrator since 1984.

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